Hongqi E-HS9: China’s new luxury car

Welcome to Luxe Life. I am DANIEL, your automotive guide, excited to take a closer look at the newly introduced Hongqi E-HS9 luxury sedan. Today, as your automotive tour guide on the show, I’m excited to explore what’s new, what’s doable, and why this vehicle represents an exciting change in thought. Bottom line – I am a luxury car lover. Give me supple leather seats, give me power and performance, and yes, even give me a princely price. However, as much as I adore exclusive brands, there was something about the Hongqi philosophy that appealed to me. For standing up for quality experiences that most drivers can afford, they have caught my eye.

Price: How the Hongqi E-HS9 is Making Premium Affordable

Hongqi E-HS9 chinese Luxury car
Cheap price tag compared to european car manufacturers like Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Bentley & Co.

High-end automobiles are expensive – and let us not kid ourselves about it. The particular clientele that are served by the six-figure vehicles are truly those that have all the money in the world and who wish to own their dream car. Nevertheless, a shifting movement is taking place. Many brands have come to the understanding that perfect work is not the field of only the richest. The Hongqi philosophy is about excellent design and technology performing to produce an outstanding luxury sedan at a fraction of standard prices. Don’t doubt; they do not compromise on components and craftsmanship. They just feel that the happiness of advanced features should be available to more people. It is a luxury for the people, so to say. Listening to what is important for quality-conscious drivers and cutting away unnecessary expensive elements in design, the E-HS9 offers excellent quality to market at under $50k. All of a sudden, the long-held notions of luxury vehicle pricing appear to be less fixed. Hongqi is broadening the horizon of access and satisfaction. Their daring step seems set to echo far and wide into the automotive domain.

Design: Inside the Giles Taylor-Designed Hongqi E-HS9

Hongqi E-HS9 Luxury EV electric car
Design by the former head designer of Rolls Royce: Giles Taylor

Naturally, innovation in leadership should be expected to revolutionize some traditional ideas. Hongqi understood that achieving their vision sought the expertise of the best in the automotive design world. They found the perfect visionary in innovator Giles Taylor, a name which oozes instant prestige and authority. Having devoted decades to refining his art working with esteemed companies like Rolls-Royce, his touch is everywhere on some of the most iconic silhouettes ever to grace the road. The thing I like about Taylor is that he does not sit on his laurels. He is still actively pushing the boundaries by integrating modern features such as alternative energy and self-driving technique. Knowing his sharpness for detail and futuristic taste, Hongqi invited Taylor to lead styling for their flagship sedan, feeling that his touch would turn the E-HS9 model into something extraordinary. Apart from the smooth sweeping lines that suggest speed and modernity, Taylor introduced clues reminiscent of Chinese traditional aesthetic. Details such as the complex lattice patterns of the grille are references to traditional architectural features. This tribute of the past is integrated very smoothly with the advanced of rear lighting and camera integration. In the same way, Hongqi democratizes the luxury, Taylor reconciles the past and the future in one package. His desire to modernize without destroying history is what makes Hongqi’s bigger mission.

History: The Transformative Journey of Hongqi

Chinese EV electric car: Hongqi E-HS9
Hongqi bulds cars since more than 60 years

And history and heritage does play a part here, no doubt, for this renowned automotive brand in China and on foreign territories. For almost sixty years, Hongqi cars were admired as design paragons which were the choice of transport for dignitaries and heads of states. Visually, they borrowed the image of the all-powerful Chinese dragon, symbolizing strength, charm and distinctive grace. Produce quality came naturally to please the demanding luxury enthusiasts. Currently their Z-series and L-series sedans are the last word in prestige and enjoy quite high demand. In way, Hongqi is an aspirational nameplate much like Mercedes has created obsession and loyalty over decades. Thus, with the part that such a respected heritage plays, why would the brand change direction now to accommodate a wider luxury consumer audience? In a word, because they can. Innovative engineering developments have at last made it possible to achieve the perfect blend of elegant aesthetics and precision engineering for mass-market production. The technologists in Hongqi were not inclined to stick stubbornly to exclusivity when technology opened up new opportunities. Rather, they reinvested in quality, but made some redundant features that added to the cost without improving the driving experience. Thirteen hand-lacquered coat layers comes to mind.Gorgeous?Sure. However, the applied robotically nine layers are almost the same and the price is 35% lower. This paradigm shift of dismissing the non-essentials that are considered as obligatory for luxury cars represents a great respect for the tradition as well as passion of what is newly achievable in the manufacturing.

Specifications: A Closer Look at the Hongqi E-HS9’s Cutting-edge Specs

Hongqi E-HS9 elctric car EV
Electric vehicle sets a foot in the global luxury EV market

Being a luxury automobile owner myself, I appreciate when engineering excellence is in perfect harmony with beautiful design. The perfect alliance between form and function is evident in the smooth outline of the Hongqi E-HS9. The sweeping lines and low, hostile posture of the car communicate speed and fluid dynamics, before it even gets off the curb. However, under the exterior is the pulse of a technically sophisticated driving machine. Power comes from a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder that produces over 250 horsepower and directed by an intelligent AWD system. And that is just one of the many stats that illustrate what this sedan has to offer. State-of-the-art driver assistance and fatigue monitoring keep the occupants safe, while interior details like front seat massage ensure riding comfort. Aesthetically, the HS-9 is also pleasing on the eye with such demanding details as the signature chrome-accented grille and side contour illumination. However, its real glory is that the engineering decisions are made in such a way that they just add to the overall ownership experience.

Interior: Inside the Plush, Tech-Advanced Cabin of the Hongqi E-HS9

China Luxury electric car: Hongqi E-HS9
High-quality luxury interior design

But as much as the exterior is head-turning, few luxury sedans in the market can rival the interiors of the latest achievement by Hongqi. In here, travelers wrap themselves with the finest quality leather, real wood notes and a driver-oriented cockpit tailored for luxury. Family and friends, in the same measure, feel comfortable in the huge, supportive back seats while plugging their devices into charging panels and ports that are well positioned to each passenger. Abundant natural light is allowed in the cabin by the large areas of glass above. The friendly environment of this bar is an excellent start for a night out or all-day trip to the coast. At night, the interior of the HS-9 becomes a smooth oasis, with slight accent lighting outlining surfaces and controls, and large roadways and obstacles light up ahead due to powerful beam projection. Outstanding materials combined with state of the art functionality turn time of traveling from just transport form one place to another into destination quality experiences.

Hongqi E-HS9: Pioneering a New Era of Accessible Luxury for Enthusiasts Everywhere

Hongqi deserves my deepest admiration for having the insight and the guts of swimming against the stream of luxury vehicles. In their determination not to forsake their leading standards of quality at the expense of selectivity, they set an example for the future in which cars will be lower in barriers and higher in pleasure. 

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